Buzz Launcher

/20 - 11 - 2014

Buzz launcher is a service that competes for first prize in the platform market share of Android launcher.  The number one priority it had in mind in branding was to create the brand attitude accepted intuitionally, not to mention practical service changes in the mobile era.

In this regard, the thing that was determined to ‘show one’s own identity easily’, ‘resemble the alphabet ‘b’’, ‘change every day’, and ‘provide easy access’ was none other than ‘socks.’ There was a paradoxical fun to substitute socks for the service driven on the device in our ‘hands.’ In case of the business card, it was designed as if people were exchanging the socks in a package by attaching a small-sized ‘ID-tag’ with a thread to the background of the patterns of the socks.  Furthermore, as the process of choosing socks was reflected in the application, it reflected the socks on display in rows or the moments when people take socks from the drawer and put them on every morning.


Show Town Presentation

Generally, by borrowing the flexibility design, it tried to create the center of the brand with the stories occurring across the user and device, and the product, not the one-way delivery or supply using a single symbol type or a logo type.